Artists available for commission.

Project Fusion is the marquee fundraising event for Water Street Studios, WSS, is a non-profit arts organization serving the Batavia community.

This two-part event kicks off 5 p.m., Saturday April 8, 2017, on the Dock at Water Street Studios, 160 S. Water Street, Batavia, IL with Project Fusion: Artist + Patron, an event where patrons commission works from their favorite artists.

Over 25 participating artists will display examples of their portfolios and examples of their work. Patrons will have the opportunity tow work with an artist to create a piece especially for them.

Wine, beer and light appetizers will be served.

RSVP today.

Project Fusion: The Big Reveal is a masquerade party to be held Nov.11 where patrons and guests see the commissioned works for the first time. Details about that event are coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Artist + Patron

  1. I am very disappointed to have to miss out on this special event! All best wishes for an amazing response and turnout. Looking forward to hearing the details later.
    We attended a previous Masquerade/Reveal at Water Street and it was truly impressive.


    1. We’ll miss you. If you are interested you can still commission artists. Check them out here on the site.
      Hopefully we’ll see you at the Big Reveal party Nov. 11!


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