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Colin Sherrell is known for being an exploratory artist who incorporates many aspects of art history, theory, conceptualism, craft, process, and his own personal life experiences into his art work. Sherrell feels the necessity to not limit himself to any one specific idea, material/medium or method. Working primarily as a sculptor, Sherrell works with wood, ceramic, metal, glass, stone, fur/hair, wax, books, found objects and much more. His processes are extensive, and he keeps his conceptual possibilities open for exploration. Sherrell’s work evolves from his interests in industry, nature, childhood, labor, love, life, family, and a variety of dualities. Sherrell has always felt the necessity to continue to push his education and exploratory nature by having an open mind and working in unexplored territories within his own work and experiences. Beyond primarily working in a three dimensional realm, he is also a painter, video artist, and a computer artist.

Project Fusion Commission range:  $800 to $30,000.

Interested in commissioning Colin Sherrell? Contact him:


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