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Mark Adams is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Aurora, IL. He continually works at taking on many different disciplines in art while always trying to push himself to the limits. In 2003, his Spider (Foam Core) was featured as part of the Skyway Art Competition which included seven community colleges and select students. He briefly attended the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg in 2011. While there, a colored pencil piece of his was selected for an art competition in which he took 2nd place winning him scholarship money. Since then, Mark has been involved in many art shows and at times collaborates with other artistic individuals. He has been noted for having great attention to detail in his work and has the artistic skill allowing him to work with a wide range of materials. Mark believes he has just scratched the surface of what he is fully capable of.

Artist’s Statement

“I strongly believe that always evolving in one’s approach to art is healthy. Change shouldn’t have a negative connotation. For it is that change that helps progress us as a species into a new world of possibilities. This is why I enjoy collaborating with other individuals. It is a great opportunity to have your eyes open to new and exciting concepts, some of which you weren’t aware existed. A direction I would like to explore would be to bring light to subjects that may have been forgotten and initiates conversation. I hope my art inspires people to think outside the box and sparks something within them.” 

Project Fusion commission range: $1,800 and up.

Interested in commissioning Mark Adams? Contact him:


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