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Mark Russell has been creating landscape and nature paintings for more than 20 years. He has exhibited his work in group shows, in galleries and museums across the country. He has won numerous awards and is an Illinois Arts Council Grant recipient. His paintings are included in private and corporate collections. Previously, Mark was an award-winning designer focusing on packaging graphics. He holds degrees from DePaul University and The American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Mark’s oil paintings and monotype prints focus on landscape and nature. Surface provides inspiration: the texture of a rock, the edges of a cloud, the reflections and movement in water, the veil of light on a hazy day. He builds layer upon layer to the surface of his paintings, through a process of scraping, rubbing, adding and subtracting. As in nature, some moves are bold while others are more subtle, like the trickle of a stream on a mountainside or the constant motion of waves on a rocky beach. Each painting starts with a plan and, at times, can veer off path to reveal a surprise.
Project Fusion commision rates: $750-$3,200

Interested in commissioning Mark Russell? Contact him:


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