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These vibrant paintings were born from print work Naomi Zagt started while training at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to be an artist, 15 years ago. She was reminded of the prints and decided to reinvent them as a backdrop for inspiring nature themes. Her philosophy is creativity never dies; it stays inside you and can be awakened by being aware of the beauty around you. The meditative feeling of nature infuses the color and design elements throughout the work. All of the paintings use a multistep process starting with the monotype print. Monotype technique is drawing with ink on plexiglass, running it through a press and the print is embedded in paper. The repeated images of unusual flowers, twisting stems and luscious fruit literally breathe new life into the work. She paints the images from nature using many layers of acrylic paint to bring out subtle color and brilliant contrasts. Her process takes time but she loves the journey and beautiful juxtaposition of monotype printing and painting.

Project Fusion commission range: $250 to $2,000

Interested in commissioning Naomi Zagt? Contact her:


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