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Christopher Cudworth is an artist who has completed over 500 commissioned paintings. His 2016 solo exhibition at the Kane County Chronicle gallery at Water Street Studios, Urban Wilds,  featured his acrylic paintings of scenes and abstractions in which nature reclaims a presence amongst the glory and decay of city environments. His knowledge of nature is fueled by more than 40 years of study and citizen science, but his perspective on human culture and the abstraction of thought is based on his work as a prodigious writer and author. Thus many of his paintings have a narrative; a worn flag that has endured all kinds of weather, or the chaos of invasive plants inside an abandoned warehouse capture the emotion of moments as well as the passage of time. Cudworth works primarily in acrylic and watercolor, and his pieces have appeared in the Brookfield Zoological Society “Animals In Art” exhibition as well as group and solo shows around the Midwest. He is a resident artist at Water Street Studios.

Project Fusion commission range: $1,000 to $3,000

Interested in commissioning Christopher Cudworth? Contact him:


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