Featured artist: Robert Kameczura

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Robert Kameczura has exhibited widely and internationally, in Japan, Poland, Ireland and Canada as well as across the U.S. His work frequently has a highly romantic quality. His panoramic paintings have many characters and are attempts to create worlds of depth and breadth. They feature imagined societies that blend elements of reality and fantasy. His gicleé work, which mixes painting, drawing and photography often has a symbolist cast with a highly thoughtful approach to content. He has been much praised for his technical skill as a draftsman, as a brilliant colorist and noted for his refined, almost oriental handling of the brush despite the fact that he is completely self taught as an artist. Perhaps because of this, his work carries an unusual originality of vision and is rooted in a literate, compassionate humanism.

Project Fusion Commission range:  $600 to $20,000

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